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Here's just a few comments from our patients and their families:

Dear Dr. Kapchits and the wonderful 3rd floor staff,
Thank you for your extraordinary medical care and smiles for my dear mom, Pauline, each and every day. Your kindness and patience were rewarded by her wonderful smile and sweet disposition which was her thanks to you. It meant the world to me that my mom was so well-eared for and I thank each and every one of you.
May God Bless you all,
~ N.D.

My sister, Gloria Lisa, who had Down syndrome, ebntered Cedar Oaks in NOvember 2004. There is an element of guilt and other emotions when faced with the need to place a loved one in a nursing facility in the care of strangers. Therefore, choosing the placement for Gloria had not been an easy decidion, but her ongoing dementia neccessitaed that I make that decidion. Never one have I regretted doing so...
~ Marie S.
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I am writing on behalf of my family to express our sincere appreciation and gratitude for the outstanding care and compassion your staff provided my mother in law, specifically Mr. Abdul R Jallon (afternoon) and Mrs. Panna Patel (morning nurse aid). When I visited my mother-in-law Mrs. V., on the 10th of September she was not looking in good condition. I inquired about her condition at the nurse's station. They called her doctor, Dr. Doshi immediatley and she was given treatment accordingly by the atending nurse NP Diane. The next day too she was not responding well, I stayed with her until evening and came home around 7:30pm. At about 10pm we got a call from Mr. Adbul that he was transferring Mrs. D to the hospital as her oxygen level was low. He also told us the name of the hospitcal she would be going to. My husband and I rushed to the JFK hospital emergency room where my mother-in-law was transfered. She was put on oxygen and a series of blood tests, x-rays, cardiogram and other inverstigation were performed on her.
~ Shodha D. for D. Family
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To the staff of Arista Care,
It is with great appreciation and sincere gratitude that I am writing this letter. The tremendous and upmost concern shown to my father Andrew and also to my mom Gloria has been beyond compare.

We are truly grateful to the staff and especially to our wonderful aids who have become like family to us. I would like to thank you all from the bottom of my heart!
~ Jim V.

Stephen P writes:
I just wanted to tell you how wonderful the staff is. If they can put up with me, they can put up with anyone! Everyone has been more than amazing!

To Laurie, Mara & Rosita,
I wanted to personally thank you for all the hard work you all put into getting us involved in playing games and activities in the afternoons. I really appreciate it and had a great time. The barbecue was especially enjoyable. Laurie, thank you for the signs you did for me – I got so many compliments on them. To all of you, thanks for your love, concern and support.
~ Ina M.

My wife Seema entered your center on 09/15/2012 after her knee replacement surgery and was discharged on 10/15/2012.

She joins me to place on record our sincere thanks for the way she was treated and looked after in these 30 days. Your Center provided an excellent opportunity of recovery through world class physical/water therapy. I will be failing in my duty if I do not mention the name of Len whose efforts brought about an outstanding recovery in just 30 days making Seema able to walk independently without support. We appreciate the work of all the therapists, the nurses & staff which was always concerned for the patients. We wish them good luck and excellent career ahead in life. I will also state that the quality of food was clean and tasty.

Many, many thanks to all, for everything.
~ Seema & Tulsi K.

Dear Mr. Issac,
On behalf of our residents, whom you cared for and their family members, our staff and myself, I would like to take this opportunity to once again thank you for helping us place 6 of our residents in your facility.
Brian H., LNHA Administrator
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Dear AristaCare family,
It was with apprehension, sadness, as well as a sense of excitement that Moishe and the family left our AristaCare family behind and moved Moishe to a facility in Brooklyn, one step closer to him coming home to his own house.
Moishe Z. PDF icon
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Dear Adam,
I was treated in your facilities for 24 days. The physiotherapy & occupational therapy I received was on a level equal to my in hospital therapy of the same type. In addition, the therapy was available on both days of the weekend usually and certainly on one of these days exceeding that available in the hospital. The staff was well trained and exceedingly friendly and accessible.
Yours truly,
Earl R. - patient was a physician
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I wanted to thank you for your gentle kindness to me while (Larry) was at your rehab. The time you spent helping me with the faxes and listening to my schmoozing during a stressful time was comforting. With appreciation, eena G.

Thank you very much for taking good care and making my mother's life more comfortable in the last nine months of her life at AristaCare. The kindness and professionalism of the staff is greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Sofya M.

Just a short note to thank some special people: First "Mara" from the recreation dept. She was both funny and friendly and made everyone feel welcomed. Elise from PT dept, Jo Gee, OT and Ara, Indian PT were all instrumental in getting me back on my feet after my hip replacement, and they deserve my "thanks". Also my compliments to the kitchen chefs. The food was very good, especially the soups. Thanks to all of you for making my stay at AristaCare both productive and enjoyable. Warm regards, Sandra Z.

Words can not begin to express how grateful we all are to you! You'r truly caring work in helping to get our mom into AristaCare at Cedar Oaks is to be admired!! We are so lucky to have you there to assist us in our hour of need. Thank you ever so much! You are a true dedicated & caring person in your field!! (Armina O's family)

Tomorrow I will be leaving Cedar Oaks – exactly one month from the day that I arrived here. I just wanted you to know how very grateful I am to the kind and caring PROFESSIONAL staff.. The physical therapist (Ara) and the occupational therapist (Charles) treated me with compassion as I cried through the painful therapy sessions. They helped me so much.. The nurses and aides were always responsive and kind. I was especially impressed with the variety of religious services available to patients/residents/ I am a Roman Catholic – so I was happy to attend Mass on Mondays. However, I consider myself a spiritual person and I also attended services with Rabbi Kroopnick and the various Christian groups who came to Cedar Oaks. Another real "plus" for me was Mara, the recreation ("Hat") lady. Mara was always cheerful and enthusiastic in her efforts to include everyone in the games, exercises, arts & crafts, etc. She was also understanding and realistic about people's need for OT and PT if they chose not to participate. All in all, Cedar Oaks was a positive experience for me – largely because of the QUALITY people who work hard to care for the patients. I will certainly recommend Cedar Oaks to others. Many, many thanks! Sincerely, Marybeth C.

"Dear Directors,
I am writing this note of appreciation for all the good care I received at your facility when I was recovering from my broken rib ordeal Dec through Jan. Everyone is so pleasant and nice to the patients that I can honestly say that I enjoyed my stay there. You have a very good staff working for you and there are certain people I must point out to you for their loving and caring ways. The first is Ephraim who always has a nice smile on his face and always asked if there was anything he could do to make my stay more pleasant or comfortable. He will certainly be a good director when it comes time for him. Another good group you have working for you is the Therapy group – especially Audrey, Sheldon, Leonard, Angelette, Susan and oh so many more…I'm sorry I don't remember all their names. I also liked the activities planner, Mara. She does a great job. The room I was in was beautiful and furnished so nicely – I felt like a princess. My daughter even bought me a little crown which I will treasure always. I am so glad I picked your facility for my rehab…it is the best place for sub acute care. Thank you for making me feel so welcome."
~ Georgia P.

"Mr. Wiesel,
I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how pleased I am with the care my sister, GL, has been receiving at Cedar Oaks. The third floor staff, led by Marie, the head nurse, has proven to be a devoted group of professionals who have been very attentive to Gloria's multiple needs. Caring for her is not an easy task, but the wonderful group of nurses and aides always makes sure she's clean and comfortable. I cannot praise Gladys enough for the never-ending compassion and devotion she extends to my sister. She is truly a rare human being…please let me also mention Christamon and Limose. I have found that all the third floor nurses are consistently courteous, conscientious and cooperative individuals who are assets to Cedar Oaks. And a final thank you to Tina who has always been helpful and has made me feel comfortable when I approach her with any concerns. I appreciate everything these people do to make my sister's life more comfortable."
~ Marie S.

"Mr. Wiesel,
My family is so appreciative of the care and concern given to us during my father's stay there. We're so thankful he was cared for by such a professional, understanding, and concerned staff."
~ Joanne M.

"I would like to take this time to express my feelings about the treatment I am receiving on the 1st floor. From the moment I arrived here, the nurses, aides, wound care specialist, therapy staff, and social workers have promptly taken care of my needs. This has made my stay here very pleasant, and has helped in my recovery."
~ Phyllis S. (patient)

"Dear Vicki,
I recently hosted an 89th birthday party for my Dad at Cedar Oaks. Five of my father's friends came. I brought sandwiches and two cakes. The room was so cheerful and full of sunlight. Lani was extremely helpful and a maintenance staff member helped us rig up a TV and VCR. Thanks to you, it was a most memorable day for my Dad."
~ Michelle H.

"Nurses Aides, Recreation Staff, Therapists and Maintenance Dept.
I am writing to thank everyone on the staff at Cedar Oaks with preparing and assisting the residents so that they could join in on our Monday morning mass. The ladies are always beautifully dressed, and the men have their hair combed so nice. We are so grateful, as we know it's over and above your regular duties. It is also evidence of the tender, loving care you give every day. You are good people."
~ Volunteer from Sacred Heart

"To the Staff,
May God bless and reward you for all the good service you gave my sister."
~ Jennie

"Mr. Wiesel, Kathy and Vicki,
Because of you, my mother's last 2-1/2 years were not spent within the four walls of her bedroom. She was able to enjoy sunshine, flowers, fresh air and barbecues on the patio. She looked forward to the trips to the mall, church services, and especially Bingo. She even attended the Halloween and New Year's parties. She also made many friends. I will continue to highly recommend Cedar Oaks – you're all doing God's work on Earth, and I thank you so much."
~ Joanne G.

"To all of the following - Administration, Doctors, Nurses, Assts., Food Handlers, Dieticians, Cooks, Maintenance, and, of course, all of the people responsible for "patient comfort"...A personal thank you from our family for the great care you gave our mother, Emma M. She always praised the consideration and kind attention that the staff gave her, and he personal touch given to all of her needs. Sometimes in our busy lives, we forget to thank people like you, who make life more enjoyable and easier to contend with."

"Mr. Wiesel,
I cannot thank the Cedar Oaks staff enough for helping and guiding me through the difficult time after my stroke. You have a great Center! Shalom and peace on earth."
~ Linda G.

"To all nurses and staff,
I can't thank YOU ALL enough for the three weeks I stayed there, and the kindness you showed me. I will remember all of you for being so good to me. I'll drop by soon, when I'm walking a bit better with my cane."
~ Josephine F.

"To the Staff,
I wanted to thank the Cedar Oaks staff, the nurses, aids, hospice social workers, and all other staff members of the Wing for the wonderful care you gave to Dominick. It didn't take us long to realize there was no better place for him. We know everybody has a job to do, but what makes the difference is the extra loving care, dedication and affection that you put into that job. If that is how we should judge a nursing home, then there is no better Center than Cedar Oaks."
~ John S.

"Just a quick note to tell you this Center has some very nice people working here. You are all to be commended in dealing with Richard who we all know can be difficult at times. You seem to know how to reach him in a favorable way. The nurses' upbeat and happy attitudes are as much good medicine, if not better, than the pills he has to take. The fact that you were able to bring my Richard to the surface just warms my heart. I deeply appreciate you all."
~ Paulette A.

"I (initially) shed many tears over the fact that my mother had to go into a nursing home due to her illness. My tears were wiped away when I witnessed the superb TLC given at Cedar Oaks. The staff is magnificent. I am eternally grateful to you."
~ Rosemarie H. (Full article printed in the Courier News)